Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What language is the Guided Tour Haunted Leipzig?

We will present all the stories in English. Our local guide has a lot of experience from her daytime job as a guide in a museum. There she does tours in both German and English.

Who can take part in our Haunted Leipzig Tour?

The one and only Haunted Leipzig Guided Tour for everyone who enjoys to listen to creepy stories of the past. But beware: You shouldn’t get scared so easily.

Is the tour suitable for children?

We do allow children to attend, although we do warn guests that the stories we tell are creepy and can be scary for younger children. Furthermore we will probably meet “ghosts or demons” around the city of Leipzig, who can jump out on the guests during the tour. So it always depends on the child. If your child is usually fine with ghost stories in the dark and enjoys rides on a ghost train, he/she will probably be okay on the tour. Know your child! All children aged up to 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately not. Due to the nature of the tours we do not recommend bringing a pet on the tour.

Will I be scared on the Haunted Leipzig Tour?

We never know if the demons of the night will leave us alone. But be sure: You shouldn’t get scared so easily. It’s a ghost walk you will take part in. It might happen that ghosts jump at you… But our guides will try their best to protect you!

Are the tours suitable for people with disabilities?

Yes! There are only some old cobblestone paths (so, it’s okay for wheelchairs but not so good for high heels). Our guides help if you have problems during the tour.

Do we enter dark vaults or climb on high towers? I get afraid of this!

No! We will walk in the city center under the open sky.

What happens in bad weather?

Hail, rain, wind or snow: your guide will be there, at the Mendebrunnen, to greet you. Your guide knows exactly where to find shelter from the elements, but do dress for the cold, especially in the evenings and in the winter months.

Should I tip my guide?

If you have enjoyed the one and only Haunted Leipzig Tour we are sure our guides have no objections to receiving a tip!

Do you offer the tour in other languages as well ?

Yes, we are also offering this tour in German Gruseltour Leipzig.

If you are unsure feel free to write us and ask further questions at